An Instagram Live Sale ("Live Sale") is the most exciting and engaging shopping experience where items can be viewed from your phone and bought instantly. This offers you a chance to feel drawn to a certain gemstone or crystal, ensuring their energy will benefit you positively right from your couch, backyard, grandma's house, etc. The Live Sale will start at a pre-determined time. Notifications will be sent out via Instagram and email, so make sure you subscribe to our mailing list!


1). Live Sales will be hosted on Instagram. Follow @thecrystaltouch_ for Live Sale times and updates on our latest products.

2). Items are identified by their price and given a letter so each item is unique and can be identified during the Live Sale.

3). Items are claimed by typing "Touch" and the item identifier (price and letter, i.e., "Touch 84a").

4). Items will be given to the first individual to type "Touch" and the item identifier (i.e., "Touch 84a") that shows up on our phone screen. Try using  emojis or the word "unblock" to avoid being blocked by Instagram.

5). If an item is requested to be seen by someone after the item has been initially shown and offered for sale with no claims, that individual who requested to see the item will have priority on claiming the item first. If that person declines to purchase, the item will go to the next person who attempted to claim it.

6). If you claim an item, you are committing to pay for that item within 24 hours of receiving the invoice.

7.) Live Sales are a fun experience that brings our crystal community together. Please bring a positive attitude and we hope to see you join one soon!