AAA 8mm Faceted Black Tourmaline Bracelets
  • AAA 8mm Faceted Black Tourmaline Bracelets

    Wondering how to ward of the bad energies or negative energies encountered throughout our day? Negative vibrations weigh on our emotions and spirit, welcome to the Black Tourmaline era. Black Tourmaline is an incredibly beneficial bodyguard that has gained grasp throughout our society and has been utilized in many different ways to ward off those energies weighing us down. Not only is Black Tourmaline an excellent stone to wear, place this magical stone anywhere and everywhere to ward off spiritual and emotional attacks. Black Tourmaline is used extensively in cleansing rituals as it helps release unwanted energies stored within our own energy fields.


    Black Tourmaline stimulates our Root Chakra balancing our stability, feelings of security, and enhances our physical well-being. The Root Chakra is the foundation for physical and spiritual energy for our body. When our Root Chakras are in balance, the physical body will regain strength and stamina, while our spiritual energy is enlightened in the form of confidence and self-admiration.


      These are AAA quality 8mm Black Tourmaline Bracelets.


      All bracelets are sized to be approximately 7" long. This will vary depending on bead size as it is nearly impossible to get the same size bracelet with varying bead diameters (6MM, 8MM, 10MM, 12MM). There WILL be a variation in bracelet sizes.​



      We do offer bracelet resizing ONLY if we have the extra beads in stock. It will cost an additional $2.00 (per bracelet) to have it resized to either a larger or smaller fit. Please allow an additional 5-7 days to accommodate all bracelet resizing requests.


      All resizing requests MUST be made prior to purchasing or a 7" bracelet will be sent to the address on file. Please send all requests to or DM via Instagram @thecrystaltouch_