Ametrine Sphere #02
  • Ametrine Sphere #02

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    Ametrine houses incredible energies from two highly vibrational crystals, Amethyst and Citrine. Amethyst is a clear quartz with the presence of manganese, creating the purple hue. Citrine is a clear quartz with the presence of Iron, creating it's yellowish hue. Hailing from Bolivia, Ametrine is thought to have been found back in the 1600's and forgotten about, until recently rediscovered in the 1970's in  the Anahi Mine located in Bolivia.


    Ametrine stimulates our creativity and is also an incredible detoxifier as both Amethyst and Citrine are detoxifiers themselves. Balancing our emotions, Ametrine soothes and relieves depression. Having a hard time taking the next step towards change in your life? Ametrine enhances our concentration and initiates change within our lives.


    Ametrine realigns and balances our Solar Plexus Chakra alleviating doubt or negative thoughts towards others. If the Solar Plexus Chakra is out of balance, we will belittle others or undervalue others. Carrying or placing Ametrine next to you, will bring more feelings of empathy and patience into your life. If you are feeling unappreciated at your workplace or misunderstood by others, then your Crown Chakra may be out of balance. Carrying Ametrine with you will align your chakras to the higher energies surrounding us.


      This Ametrine sphere is approximately 50mm in diameter.


      Crystal spheres are a staple to new and experienced crystal collectors alike. During times of high tension or stress, a crystal sphere can be held in your hands to help reduce negative energies in ones aura. Spheres are able to direct and radiate energies outward in all directions. Spheres aid in opening our 3rd Eye chakras, increasing ones intuition.


      **All spheres come with sphere stands.

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