Aqua Aura Small Cluster/Point

Aqua Aura Small Cluster/Point

SKU: 0012

Creating a synthesis of unique vibrations and energies, quartz is heated up in a vacuum and infused with vaporized gold. Many healers and psychics love this crystal as it can give them the opportunity to work with a metal not typically found within these stones. Aqua Aura has a strong vibration instilling deep feelings of peace and calm. Wearing or carrying Aqua Aura with you can ease stress during pressure induced working scenarios.


Increasing psychic abilities, Aqua Aura Quartz can be used with both the third eye and crown chakras enhancing spiritual awareness. Stimulating and activating all chakras, Aqua Aura can help release negative energies throughout the mind and body. Another great stone for psychics and healers used in gridding and body works enhancing the properties of other crystals.


    You will receive one Aqua Aura cluster approximately 2" in length. Each cluster will be intuitively chosen for each purchase.