Blue Aragonite Tower / Carribean Blue Calcite Tower #1
  • Blue Aragonite Tower / Carribean Blue Calcite Tower #1

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    Recently found within Pakistan, Carribean Blue Calcite's meaning and properties are still being discovered today. Unfortunately, this beautiful blue crystal lies in a region where greed and profit are more important than preserving the natural materials found for generations to come. It is likely that this material could be mined out until more pockets are discovered.


    Even though this is a relatively newly discovered calcite, this crystal most certainly resonates with our third eye and crown chakras. Place Carribean Blue Calcite next to your bed to aid efforts in lucid dreaming, or use it during your meditations to help bring a sense of calm and peace to your body and mind.


      You will receive one unique Carribean Blue Calcite/Aragonite obelisk that is approximately 7 inches in height, measured from the base to the tip.