Blue Calcite Sphere
  • Blue Calcite Sphere

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    Calcites are found in many locations throughout the world while Blue Calcites are found in far fewer locations. A large quantity is found in Mexico, while the most rare, darkest and deepest blue colored Blue Calcites are found in South Africa. Blue calcite encourages healing and growth during emotional and physical trauma by soothing and relaxing our minds allowing us to live within the here and now. For those looking to increase vividness and understanding while dreaming, place Blue Calcite next to your bed or under your pillow. Use Blue Calcite in combination with Moldavite in order to enhance the transformative effects of both crystals.


    Blue calcite resonates with our Throat Chakra and Third Eye Chakras and can aid in many different areas of our lives depending on ones intentions. Working with the Third Eye Chakra Blue Calcite enhances our intuition, while working with our Throat Chakras it promotes clear and calm communication especially during emotional or high tensioned discussions. Use Blue Calcite during distanced healing to amplify and purify receiving and sending energies.


      This large Blue Calcite sphere is approximately 100mm in diameter.


      Crystal spheres are a staple to new and experienced crystal collectors alike. During times of high tension or stress, a crystal sphere can be held in your hands to help reduce negative energies in ones aura. Spheres are able to direct and radiate energies outward in all directions. Spheres aid in opening our 3rd Eye chakras, increasing ones intuition.


      **All spheres come with sphere stands.