8mm Galaxy Tiger's Eye Bracelets
  • 8mm Galaxy Tiger's Eye Bracelets

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    Wear Tiger's Eye when you need a sense of protection and to boost self confidence. Tiger's Eye is well known for its magical properties instilling a more active life style and helping one drive towards success with their new found sense of confidence. Wear, carry, or place this stone next to you to attract wealth and break through financial burdens.


    Connected to both the root and sacral chakras, Tiger's Eye reminds us that all we need is within ourselves. Not generally a third eye chakra stone, however it can help develop your phsychic abilities when using it with the third eye chakra. Tiger's Eye awakens the Kundalini energy within our spine also known as the coiled serpent that resides at the base of our spine. This process of kundalini stimulation is said to bring enlightenment. Combine Serpentine stone with it to ease the kundalini awakening process.


      These are 8mm Galaxy Tiger's eye Bracelet. Galaxy Tiger's Eye is a died Tiger's Eye material.


      All bracelets are sized to be approximately 7" long. This will vary depending on bead size as it is nearly impossible to get the same size bracelet with varying bead diameters (6MM, 8MM, 10MM, 12MM). There WILL be a variation in bracelet sizes.​


      We do offer bracelet resizing ONLY if we have the extra beads in stock. It will cost an additional $2.00 (per bracelet) to have it resized to either a larger or smaller fit. Please allow an additional 5-7 days to accommodate all bracelet resizing requests.


      All resizing requests MUST be made prior to purchasing or a 7" bracelet will be sent to the address on file. Please send all requests to thecrystaltouch@hotmail.com or DM via Instagram @thecrystaltouch_