Hematoid Quartz (Fire Quartz) Sphere
  • Hematoid Quartz (Fire Quartz) Sphere

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    Combining the amplifying properties of Quartz and stabilizing properties of Hematite, this wonderful crystal will balance your mind, body, and spirit helping us enjoy a more balanced energy. Hematoid Quartz promotes feelings of self love and worth and helps us alleviate our anxieties, doubt, and promotes an abundance of self worth. Carry Hematoid Quartz with you if you are experiencing a short attention span, as Fire Quartz enhances focus and concentration allowing us to ground ourselves and refocus.


    Cleansing your energies and drawing scattered ones down into your root chakra, Hematoid Quartz provides a grounding and balanced energy. The unique healing properties of this crystal, make it one of the most beneficial crystals for healing.


      This Hematoid Quartz sphere is approximately 70mm in diameter.


      Crystal spheres are a staple to new and experienced crystal collectors alike. During times of high tension or stress, a crystal sphere can be held in your hands to help reduce negative energies in ones aura. Spheres are able to direct and radiate energies outward in all directions. Spheres aid in opening our 3rd Eye chakras, increasing ones intuition.


      **All spheres come with sphere stands.