Howlite Towers

Howlite Towers

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This lovely white stone is perfect for anxiey and stress relief. Having trouble sleeping or staying asleep? Place Howlite next to your bed or under your pillow to soothe a restless mind, helping keep you asleep thoughout the entire night. Howlite is also a fantastic motivator, inspiring desires and strengthening our memory. Gift howlite to those experiencing episodes of heightened anxiety and restlessness. Howlite will provide a sense of well being and promotes feelings of relaxation and a calm mind.


Howlite, the attunement stone, stimulates both our Root and Crown Chakras. Used frequently during meditations to soothe ones mind. If you are a struggling student or one just looking to always expand your education, Howlite activates a deeper thirst for knowledge within us. Found in Nova Scotia, Germany, Serbia, Turkey and the United States. The United States has two of the most famous deposits in California and Nevada housing what is thought to be the only crystallized forms of Howlite.


    You will receive one intuitively chosen Howlite tower for each purchase. Towers are approximately 3 inches in height.

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