Kunzite Towers
  • Kunzite Towers

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    Kunzite, the healer between heart and mind radiates calm loving violet hues. Carry or wear Kunzite with you while you are traveling as it relieves stress associated with driving or other kinds of travel.  Kunzite can be beneficial in relaxing the mind and body during  an interview, examination, or assessment. Kunzite stimulates our intuitive powers and is especially protective against harmful spirits. This high vibrational crystal encourages us to let go of our fear and anxieties, letting our true selves shine through.


    Kunzite stimulates the heart and crown chakras providing a healing communion between the two while producing a powerful inner peace and love towards yourself and empathy towards others. The powerful communion between the two chakras promotes self love allowing us to be ourselves everyday. Carry or wear kunzite during stressful examinations, interviews or assessments. Using Kunzite during meditations will open our heart to the feelings of divine and true universal love.


      You will receive one intuitively chosen Kunzite tower approximately 2.75 inches in height.

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