Ocean Jasper Heart
  • Ocean Jasper Heart

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    Ocean Jasper, also known as Orbicular Jasper promotes self love, and encourages ourselves to embrace all the happiness and joy around us. Residing from one location in the world, Northwestern Madagascar, there are only two deposits roughly 10 miles apart within Madagascar where Ocean Jasper is collected. The village Marovato is located directly on the coastline and houses the Marovato deposit famous for its translucency and multi colored chalcedony/quartz orbs. While the other deposit is located near the village of Kabamby producing mostly green and yellow translucent orbs.


    Ocean Jasper emits an extremely positive heart centric energy, instilling feelings of joy, happiness, and an optimistic outlook towards life. Ocean Jasper resonates with both our Heart and Throat chakras aiding in our communication and self love. Combining both the heart and throat chakras aligns the vibrations of our Solar Plexus chakras, helping you feel centered, grounded, and helps us understand and love ourselves for who we are. Wear Ocean Jasper during social situations to bring positivity to the entire group and conversation.


      This unique carved Ocean Jasper heart is approximately 3 inches in height and width. This heart is fantastic for a palmstone or display peice with druse pockets scattered across the surface. Stands for this heart are available upon request. Email requests to thecrystaltouch@hotmail.com.


      Palmstones when held, create a deep connection and bond between you and the crystal. Crystal palmstones are excellent when used during meditation, relaxation and crystal healing. Carry palmstones with you everywhere to bring the crystals power and healing along with you. Also great for moments of stress and over stimulation, you can deploy your palmstone from within your pocket to reconnect with yourself and bring back true feelings of calm.

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