Banded Pink Calcite Palmstone #03

Banded Pink Calcite Palmstone #03

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Banded Pink Calcite is not a specific mineral, it is in fact a mixture of a few different Calcite's depending on the varying levels of minerals, also containing bands of onyx as well. Pink Mangano Calcite houses an extremely uplifting and happy vibration certain to make anyone's outlook on life more bright. Pink Calcite fills you with a feeling of love and joy uplifting one's spirits and removing expectations from your mind, helping you live a fulfilled and joyous life. Pink Calcite will help you achieve your highest and most prized dreams or desires. When working to bring back fond and happy memories, work and surround yourself with Pink Calcite to help connect you to your source of meditation or healing.


Pairing Pink Mangano Calcite with Labradorite, Howlite, and/or agate will greatly enhance Mangano Calcite's calm and healing energies. Pair Pink Mangano Calcite with Amethyst or Smoky Quartz and place next to your bedside to help rid yourself of nightmares. Pink Calcite stimulates all of our Chakras allowing them to soak up and become filled with love, light, and peace.


    This unique carved large Banded Pink Calcite palmstone is approximately 3.75 inches in height and 2  inches in width.


    Palmstones when held, create a deep connection and bond between you and the crystal. Crystal palmstones are excellent when used during meditation, relaxation and crystal healing. Carry palmstones with you everywhere to bring the crystals power and healing along with you. Also great for moments of stress and over stimulation, you can deploy your palmstone from within your pocket to reconnect with yourself and bring back true feelings of calm.