Selenite Spheres
  • Selenite Spheres

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    Selenite is an amazing stone, providing clarity of mind and self-awareness. Selenite is a calming stone aiding in meditation and spiritual work. Selenite also provides feelings of deep peace, forgiveness, universal love,  integrity, and universal consciousness.  Clearing the air of negative energies, selenite aids in helping us see the larger details in life.


    Opening the crown and higher crown chakras, Selenite is widely used in meditation and spiritual work. Selenite is an extremely high vibrational crystal which floods a space with its aura like energy, lifting our spirits into a happier state of being.


      Small spheres are approximately, 64mm in diameter.

      Large spheres are approximately, 83mm in diameter


      Crystal spheres are a staple to new and experienced crystal collectors alike. During times of high tension or stress, a crystal sphere can be held in your hands to help reduce negative energies in ones aura. Spheres are able to direct and radiate energies outward in all directions. Spheres aid in opening our 3rd Eye chakras, increasing ones intuition.


      **All spheres come with sphere stands.

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