Serpentine Heart Carvings

Serpentine Heart Carvings

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Serpentine is a fantastic crystal for meditation and enhancing spiritual connection. Serpentine is also often called "New Jade". This stone helps us clear out and cleanse areas of all chakras opening our minds and bodies so that self healing can occur. Unlike other stones, Serpentine does not "soak" up the bad energies around, instead Serpentine hardens our psychic shell making it impossible for bad energies to permeate through us. Quite special to Serpentine, Serpentine provides both a place for negative energies to be dispelled, as well as filling that void with positivity. Most stones will either dispel, block, etc. or fill your mind, body, and spirit with energies, Serpentine does both.


Aligning our intents with the heart chakra, Serpentine assists us in manifesting success, prosperity, love, and spirituality. The energy in Serpentine can awaken our Kundalini energy. Kundalini energy is the energy that lies in the base of our spine at our Root Chakra. Our personal awakening occurs when our Kundalini energy is allowed to flow freely up through our Chakras until it extends beyond the Crown Chakra, allowing us to live in an expanded state of consciousness. Serpentine is the stone that guides us to our own path of enlightenment.


    You will receive on intuitively chosen heart shaped Serpentine palmstone roughly 3 inches in width.


    Palmstones when held, create a deep connection and bond between you and the crystal. Crystal palmstones are excellent when used during meditation, relaxation and crystal healing. Carry palmstones with you everywhere to bring the crystals power and healing along with you. Also great for moments of stress and over stimulation, you can deploy your palmstone from within your pocket to reconnect with yourself and bring back true feelings of calm.